Hybrex Digital / IP Telephone System

Hybrex products are manufactured and distributed by the Auto Telecom Corporation in Australia and across 53 countries worldwide. In Asia it is sold under the Phillips name, in America it is branded as a Transtel, and in Italy it is sold by Italian Telecom as their main telephone system.

Phone Business offers a full range of Hybrex office phone systems
The Hybrex product has been widely marketed and sold throughout Australia over the last 20+ years and can be found in use in almost every Australian city. From lawyers to accountants, medical centres to hotels, car repair to software development, the Hybrex brand has been recognised as one of the most reliable and cost effective solutions for all types of Australian businesses. It is based on an easy to use keyphone operation and yet can be setup to handle very complex configurations.

Phone Business has been a Hybrex Premium dealer for over 15 years – our experience with the Hybrex product range is extensive and there’s not much about it that we don’t know. We have been supplying and installing the complete range of Hybrex telephone systems for many years all over Australia. One of our driving forces behind promoting the Hybrex product for so long has been the reliability of the systems and minimal faults.

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Hybrex Telephone Systems

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